Weylandts meets English Country Garden

When Beth and Don contacted me a few weeks before their wedding, I knew we were going to have fun creating a fresh yet rustic look for their wedding. Some carved wooden bunnies had caught their eye at a street vendor, so they ordered one for each table. They knew they wanted something rustic and elegant, nothing fancy. Don’s comment was that he wanted Beth to simply style the wedding decor the same way she styled their home – which is a lovely compliment for Beth. ( She is super stylish and dresses like a lady from a french magazine).

The Bride and Groom are both keen gardeners. Don cultivated mini succulants which he meticulously planted in glass pots to give to each guest. As we had very little time to come up with a cohesive look the couple invited me to their house one afternoon, where we set up a mock table. We played around with different glass containers, proteas and some foliage from their garden and decided to call it Weylandts meets English Country garden. A  mix of modern glass containers, proteas, pin cushions, wild garden roses, tulips, herbs and trailing vines.

It takes a while to drive from Paarl to Wolseley and I remember thinking: Why do they want to get married so far out of Town. Once I got to Olive Rock I completely understood the appeal. Every little detail of the architecture and venue was lovingly over seen by the owners Nick & Simone Stanford, there is not a single thing that isn’t gorgeous- it is absolutely¬† perfect.

Thank you to Alice Swan who made me swoon with her lovely photographs of the special day.

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