Lost & Found

So have you heard what the new trend is for wedding decor? No flowers. Who is responsible for this new trend? Florists and stylist I believe. Let me explain: If you work with beautiful blooms every day and you’re by nature creative and curious and restless, soon you have seen it all and you crave something new – hence the no flowers trend.

Elsje & Louis (from Elsje design fame) did it first and did it well. Have a look at their wedding photos here.

So when Jani said the brief for this workshop was no flowers, found objects and burnt out candles I got very excited and gathered up all the sticks and stones and bones that I have accumulated throughout years. The ring of candles was inspired by an art work I once saw and it turned out pretty amazing, if I do say so myself. It also make a pretty amazing mess afterwards. Deceptively simple looking it took a lot of time and effort to create.

lostandfound_01 lostandfound_02 lostandfound_03 lostandfound_04 lostandfound_05 lostandfound_06 lostandfound_07 lostandfound_08 lostandfound_09 lostandfound_10 lostandfound_11 lostandfound_12

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