Delft Delight

Inspired by the gardens at Babylonstoren we created this table that really celebrates our Dutch Heritage and the “Company Gardens of the Cape, where for centuries ships would replenish with sweet water, vegetables and fruit at the halfway station between Europe and Asia.” I am a traditionalist by heart and just loved the idea of working with ‘delft’  as reference. We used blue & white china ( made in China, not Delft, but you get the idea ) combined with the ‘gold’ candlesticks to add some old fashioned drama.

For the arrangements we worked along the theme of farm produce and used leek flowers, bulbs of garlic, decorative cabbages and a few yellow roses for a fresh just picked feel. I like the contrast between the very classical vases and the irreverent, fun floristry. The bouquet is a little unconventional but works so well as a dramatic foil to the delicate lace veil. As my good friend Mariette, from Varsliefde, pointed out the other day, you can always go a little crazy with the bouquet as you are going to toss it in any case. Why not be a little daring?

Delft-Delight_01 Delft-Delight_02 Delft-Delight_03 Delft-Delight_04 Delft-Delight_05 Delft-Delight_06 Delft-Delight_07 Delft-Delight_08 Delft-Delight_09

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