Colonial Romance

I have this fantasy that I will one day own a home with a beautiful glass greenhouse full of orchids and exotic plants. Maybe due to excessive exposure to romantic fiction at a susceptible age ( I read a romance per day all through high school to keep me awake during school hours ), maybe it was Maria & the Colonel’s declarations of love in the Sound of music or maybe it was the stolen kisses in Stellenbosch Botanical Gardens when I was a student? I’m not sure, but I have always nurtured a passion for hothouses. When I first lay eyes on the greenhouse at Babylonstoren it literally took my breath away – so beautiful, so right out of one of my floral fantasies. It just seems like it would make the perfect setting for an intimate wedding and immediately led to the inspiration for this very indulgent, romantic, French vintage photo shoot. The thrilling combination of purple, cerise pink, red and mauve is just bursting with exuberant, passionate colour. Red remains at the top of my list of exciting colours and is used in all its voluptuousness.

JaniB photographed these stunning images in February 2012, on one of those ridiculously hot days in Paarl. To say I love working with her would be an understatement, she just understands me and manages to perfectly capture the mood I wish to create.

colonial-romance_01 colonial-romance_02 colonial-romance_03 colonial-romance_04 colonial-romance_05 colonial-romance_06 colonial-romance_07 colonial-romance_08 colonial-romance_09

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