Boho Teepee Shoot

Amaryllis are one of my absolute favorite flowering bulbs. Available in spring you’ve got to make the most of them in the months of Sept and October. As always it is their old worldy feel that appeals to my romantic heart. I love that you can grow them indoors in a pot and that they remind me of green houses and old Victorian mansions. For the Bouquet we used green Amaryllis, white Garden Roses, Allium, olive branches and foraged grasses and seed pods.

Maybe because I was born in the 70’s, or maybe because there’s a lot of gypsy spirit in my DNA, but I can’t resist anything with a bit of a Bohemian flavor. The creative concept for this shoot all started with our passion for tents. Teepee tents are a strong wedding trend this season so we just had to have one. My mom, who is a whizz with needle and thread and is always ready to help us realize our mad schemes, made us this beauty. We have since started renting it out to those interested in recreating this look. Next, we had to find a beautiful field of golden grass to pitch our tent – not so easy to do in the spring time but we managed to find the perfect spot

The vintage wedding dress was actually my mom’s, which she had made for her own wedding in 1973. It is a precious family heirloom, about which my sisters and I have had many ownership ‘discussions’ – though none of us have ever been skinny enough to actually fit into it! The bridesmaid’s dress is another one of my mom’s creations. She sewed all the dresses, the tent, the cushions and the ottoman. Without the help from my mom, and my sisters I would never attempt to do any of these creative shoots.

The Boho tent is for rent or for sale if you are interested.

We were so happy to be featured on The Pretty Blog – you can go and read the full post.

Make up – Marli Basson

Photo – Jan Dorfling

Dresses – Libby Odendaal

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