Thank you for visiting our website. So you are here because you are either engaged { congratulations! } or you just LOOOVE flowers. In any case you were lured here by the beautiful, lush, voluptuous flower arrangements. How lucky are we to live on a planet where flowers exist. How much crazy detail did our Creator invest in a single flower? You can’t help but feel happy in the presence of such beauty.

For the past 14 years flower arranging was my job. More specifically creating flowers stories for weddings. Telling the personal love story of each couple through the use of decor elements and flowers. I always say arranging flowers is quite similar to drawing. You create an outline with the foliage and then fill in any gaps with blooms. Everything I learnt as a Graphic Designer I am applying in the art of flower arranging. Composition, line, form, texture and of course COLOUR.

From the beginning of this year I have returned to my first love which is painting. In order to paint full time, I have for the time being, taken a break from doing weddings as you need two completely different mindsets for each discipline. Weddings are crazy busy, stressful, a big team effort and did I mention busy? To be able to paint you need quietness, calm and it is for the most part a solitary exercise.

I am how ever still excited to share my floral expertise with brides in the form of DIY Budget Wedding Workshops. Please go and check out the courses on offer under the Workshops tab on this page.

I hope you have fun looking around our site and that you find inspiration for your own big day.

Tanya Odendaal



Cape winelands floral designer specialising in happy clients.